The Adjective Sandwich

I'm here to help you eat your words — literally. Tell me your adjective, and I'll tell you what you eat.

What's an adjective sandwich?

The adjective sandwich started as a collaborative creation between a sandwich maker (Ma'ayan Plaut) and her loyal Oberlin College Decafe customers.

Now, Ma'ayan creates digital sandwich recipes to tickle your virtual taste buds... but you're encouraged to make them for your own enjoyment as well!

How does this work?

Either tweet, ask or email:

- your adjective,
- likes/dislikes/things you can't eat,
- vegetarian, vegan, or omnivorous,
- your tolerance for spicy things.

Even the same adjective from different people will yield a different result... send 'em along!

Where can I find an adjective sandwich in action?

The adjective sandwich has inspired writing on the Oberlin blogs, was profiled in the Oberlin Alumni Magazine, and is featured in The Orphan Sister.